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May 26, 2016

Melissa Thomas is passionate about personal finances, but as the founder of Melissa the Coach Financial Coaching, she wasn’t always that way. Like many of us, she was living from pay check to paycheck barely making ends meet. On top of that she had a very particular hobby that later became motivation to fix her finances.

Tune in and be inspired to find your own muse to accomplish your debt free goal.

May 19, 2016

Amethyst Phillips joined me to share how her debt free journey opened doors to an amazing adventure. She's spending 365 days outside of the United States because she can. Amethyst is off to travel and have an extended cultural experience faciliated in part by her lack of debt.

Maybe world travel is not your muse. Grab onto whatever motivates you to accomplish your debt free goals. In the meantime, tune into Amethyst's epic adventure, learn her strategies for staying focused, and be inspired!

The show notes at contain links to all resources mentioned in today's episode.

May 12, 2016

Dana Sharp may have hit the parent jackpot. Her father was frugal before it was fashionable. He began his career as a Chicago Public School gym teacher and worked over his lifetime to amass a considerable fortune that his great grandchildren still benefit from to this day. Dana's father valued character building, saving, and education which makes him our real life example of the people profiled in Thomas J. Stanley's groundbreaking research on high net worth people in this country in The Millionaire Next Door.

Dana shares the lessons from her father that she employs and now passes to her children and grandchildren. This was such a powerful episode, full of wonderful pearls of wisdom that anyone - parent jackpot winners or otherwise - can apply.

We can all build a solid financial foundation and pass on the traits that create millionaires next door.


May 5, 2016

In this blast from the past re-play, we chat about the millionaire next door concept based on a book of the same name by Thomas J. Stanley. We discuss 3 principles that separate people focused on wealth building from those who only care about the paycheck size.

It's hard to believe that this was recorded 5 years ago. Forgive the muffled sound in spots - the information is still relevant and applicable.