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Mar 31, 2016

Today, I turn to Barbara Friedberg of Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance.

Before running her own company dedicated to providing investment education for consumers, Barbara was an investment portfolio manager and CFO for Cadco Realty, an real estate holding company. She’s been investing since her early 20’s and with an MBA in Finance she’s taught corporate finance and investing at Santa Clara University.

She joins the Midday Money Show to help us explore how we can get started investing with us today.

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Mar 24, 2016

Gina Horkey made $15,000 last month based around her business as a freelance professional. She started her freelance career a little over 2 years ago and left her full time position to support her family of four. It all started with freelance writing.

Gina shares her tricks of the trade and motivation on how you too can get started.

Whether looking for ways to increase your debt dumping momentum, saving for something special, or just creating multiple income streams - freelance work might be what you need.

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Mar 17, 2016

Emily Guy Birken is a fabulous personal finance writer contributing to many sites including Wise Bread and Huffington Post. She's penned two resources for retirement and she joins us on the Midday Money Show to talk about prepping for retirement. Whether you have 5 years or less or plan to think of your retirement on a global scale, Emily has great ideas, resources, and tips. Demystify the idea of planning for retirement and get help to find out what you should be doing today.

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Mar 10, 2016

Fourty percent of mothers are Breadwinner Mothers. You're either a single mom or the major earner for your household. Even still, mothers make 80% of the purchasing decisions for all households.

Jackie Cummings-Koski, a single mom herself, beat the odds and embraced the need to improve her financial literacy. She's the author of Money Letters to my Daughter - winner of the 2013 Excellence in Financial Literacy Award. She’s a director with the Ohio Chapter of BetterInvesting, the nation’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to individual investment education. She’s even received a shout out from Capital Hill for her work in improving financial literacy.

Jackie joined the Midday Money Show to talk about how moms can (and should) be smarter with their money.

Mar 3, 2016

Elizabeth Colegrove is a passionate investor who was tired of hearing that it wasn’t possible to be successful in real estate so started her blog, the reluctant landlord. With 8 properties on her balance sheet, this navy wife balances frugal living and a love for travel with their goal of reaching financial freedom so they can live anywhere once her hubby retires from the Navy. We talk all about moving toward debt freedom on the Midday Money Show…but today Elizabeth joins us to share how over $1 million of debt is all part of her master plan.

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